Economy & Business

14th International Conference
1–5 September 2015
Elenite Holiday Village, Bulgaria

Organized by

  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Union of Scientists in Bulgaria
  • Science & Education Foundation, Bulgaria
  • VUZF University, Bulgaria
  • Szent Istvan University, Institute of Finance and Accountancy, Hungary
  • Faculty of Economy and Business Administration, University of Craiova, Romania
  • Faculty of Administration and Business, University of Bucharest, Romania
  • Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Defence, Czech Republic


Reconstructing the World Economy

  • Actions in reducing imbalance
  • Coordination across fiscal, monetary and financial policies
  • International capital markets
  • What are the lessons for fiscal policy?
  • The level of inflation targets
  • Rise and fall of Bretton Woods
  • Future of the international monetary system
  • The new emphasis on financial regulation and supervisory structures
  • The complementary roles of monetary policy and macro–prudential regulation
  • Innovation and a more globally integrated financial system
  • Unemployment and depression
  • New social divides

Economic Theories and Business Practices

  • Planning, prognostication and modelling of economic development
  • Statistical analysis of science, technology and industry
  • Priority branches, sub–branches and proportions of different sectors
  • State governance and regulation, legislative policies
  • Economic management, marketing and sale
  • Accountancy, analysis and statistics
  • Finance, banking and taxation
  • Investments, restructuring and technological renovations
  • Education, healthcare and social policy
  • Productivity, employment and income
  • Globalisation and economic development
  • Economic education and the business

Knowledge Economy and Innovation Economy

  • Principles of economic growth in the knowledge economy
  • Transforming knowledge into products and business development
  • Business models of the knowledge economy
  • Public policy for knowledge economy
  • Knowledge based business enterprises
  • Building a knowledge sharing culture in a corporate and industry environment
  • Knowledge society in knowledge economy
  • E–society / e–governance
  • E–business / e–commerce
  • Innovative governance
  • Innovation and economic growth
  • Furthering an innovation economy
  • Entrepreneurship, venturing, business models & financing innovation
  • Innovation as an economic driving force in the United States, Europe, and Asia
  • Financial innovations and the consumer
  • Financial innovations and firms: Risk–sharing and systemic risk
  • Financial innovations and firms: Borrower and lender behaviour
  • Culture and team management in innovation
  • Innovation management challenges
  • Information economy
  • Digital economy: Digital content creation, distribution and access

Note: Papers on other relevant topics are welcome too.

Participation and registration

Types of presentations
You can present up to two papers, in one of the following ways:

  • Oral presentation (talk). Your presentation should be approx. 10 minutes in length, followed by 5 minutes of questions and answers. Presenters can use a PC and a multimedia projector. The presentations must be compatible with PowerPoint 2010, stored on a CD or USB memory stick and brought on the day of the presentation.
  • Poster presentation. A poster session lasts 1 hour. Maximum poster size admissible — 80x90 cm.
  • Online presentation. For those of you, who can not attend in person. Online participants receive their certificate of publication and conference program via email.

Please note that PhD students are allowed to present posters only.
The official language is English.

During the registration, each participant will receive a name badge and a conference program. Accompanying persons receive only a "Visitor" badge. You may also be asked for identification documents. Access to the conference room is available only to registered participants and their accompanying persons. The registration desk is also a good place to learn more about our social program.


Economy & Business (ISSN 1314-7242)

All the papers, regardless of the presentation type, will be published in a relevant journal of International Scientific Publications.
Each paper is peer–reviewed by two anonymous, independent reviewers.
The official language is English.

Editor in Chief
Renata Novakova
University of Ss Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, Slovakia

Co–Editor in Chief
Fumihiko Isada
Kansai University, Japan

Fazil Gokgoz
Ankara University, Turkey

Executive Secretary
Ekaterina Kodenko
Szent Istvan University, Hungary

Editorial Board Members

  • Ambuj Gupta, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India
  • Aleksander Aristovnik, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Dessislava Iosifova, VUZF University, Bulgaria
  • Eva Borszeki, Szent Istvan University, Hungry
  • Efstathios Dimitriadi, Kavala Institute of Technology, Greece
  • Izabela Dembinska, University of Szczecin, Poland
  • Ljerka Cerovic, University of Rijeka, Croatia
  • Larisa Popova, ISE&EPN Komi SC UB RAS, Russia
  • Marco Tregua, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
  • Mirela Cristea, University of Craiova, Romania
  • Goran Kutnjak, University of Rijeka, Croatia
  • Manoranjan Sharma, Canara Bank, India
  • Marian Siminica, University of Craiova, Romania
  • Maia Seturi, Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University, Georgia
  • Nurul Fadly Habidin, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia
  • Olga Zaborovskaya, State Institute of Economics, Russia
  • Peter Joehnk, Helmholtz — Zentrum Dresden, Germany
  • Toma Sorin, University of Bucharest, Romania
  • Yerlan Abil, Public Academy of Public Administration under the President of Republic Kazakhstan
  • Yury Chukreyev, ISE&EPN Komi SC UB RAS, Russia
  • Janusz Lyko, Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland
  • Vladan Holcner, University of Defence, Czech Republic
  • Velizar Pavlov, University of Ruse, Bulgaria
  • Zeman Zoltan, Szent Istvan University, Hungary
  • Zhelio Hristozov, VUZF University, Bulgaria

Formatting requirements

We can publish a maximum of two papers by one author plus one more where he or she is another participant’s co–author.
Papers have to be minimum 7 and maximum 20 pages long. The publication of any paper over 20 pages long is to be negotiated with the publisher.

Papers that do not comply with the requirements will not be published.

Important dates and deadlines

Event Registration Opening Venue
Economy & Business 05–06 PM, 1 September
09–10 AM, 2 September
10 AM, 2 September 1–5 September 2015
Hotel "Royal Castle", Elenite, Bulgaria
Education, Research & Development 05–06 PM, 4 September
09–10 AM, 5 September
10 AM, 5 September 4–8 September 2015
Hotel "Royal Castle", Elenite, Bulgaria
Language, Individual & Society 05–06 PM, 7 September
09–10 AM, 8 September
10 AM, 8 September 7–11 September 2015
Hotel "Royal Castle", Elenite, Bulgaria
Media & Mass Communication 05–06 PM, 10 September
09–10 AM, 11 September
10 AM, 11 September 10–14 September 2015
Hotel "Royal Castle", Elenite, Bulgaria
There is a limited number of places available for the conferences in September.
If you are willing to participate, please make your registration as soon as possible.
Economy & Business  /  Education, Research & Development  /  Language, Individual & Society  /  Media & Mass Communication  /  September Conf.
31 July 2015 Registration form and abstract submission deadline. You will be notified about acceptance/rejection with an email within five working days of receiving the submission.
31 July 2015 Deadline for transferring the participation fee. All bank charges and commissions are paid by the participants. Payment on site is not allowed.
Final paper submission deadline. The paper must comply with the formatting requirements. You will be notified about acceptance/rejection with an email within five working days of receiving the submission.
31 July 2015 Deadline for sending the PowerPoint presentation of your talk. Does not apply to participants in the poster sessions.
You will be asked to confirm the form of your presentation (talk or poster) and that you will take part in the conference in person. In case no confirmation is received, the organiser have the right to change the form of your presentation.

Participation fee and payment

The participation fee is paid only when the registration is approved.

Standard participation fee 240 €
Special participation fee for participants in last year’s conference 210 €
Special participation fee for full–time PhD students
Note: post–graduate students, working at universities or other establishments, or students taking distance learning, correspondence or other similar courses, are not eligible.
180 €
Fee for all participants who have missed the payment deadline 300 €
Additional fee for a second paper presented 120 €

All prices are in Euro and include VAT.

Accompanying persons do not pay participation fees. Each participant, except PhD students, can take one accompanying person to the conference.
Accompanying persons (whether they are co–authors) are not qualified as participants. They do not receive materials from the event.
The presentation of other people’s papers is not allowed without a cogent reason and prior assent of the organising committee.
Please note that PhD students are allowed to present posters only.

The participation fee includes:

  • Certificate for participation
  • Admission to all sessions of the conference
  • The presentation of a paper either as a talk (10 minutes for presentation and another 5 minutes for discussion) or as a poster (up to 80x90 cm)
  • Publication of a paper up to 20 pages long in the relevant journal of International Scientific Publications
  • A printed copy of the conference program
  • Coffee breaks

Participation fees are transferred to the account, given in the notification email, sent to the participant by the organising committee.
All bank charges and commissions are paid by the participants. Please inform your bank about this when ordering the transfer.
Payment on site is not allowed.

Invoices will be sent via email as a PDF attachment. In order to receive an invoice on behalf of a company or organisation you must state this in the registration form. If the bank transfer is ordered by a natural person, it is not possible an invoice to a company or organisation to be issued afterwards.


Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe, in the northeast part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is an European, Balkan, Black Sea and Danube country. This geographical location places it on a crossroad between Europe, Asia and Africa. The country’s favorable climate and natural attractions provide the basis for the development of its 142 resorts, 26 of which are marine resorts, 56 — mountain resorts and 58 — balneological resorts, not including the numerous balneological and spa centers. There are international airports in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. Direct charter flights are available to the Black Sea airports in Varna and Burgas during the summer season.

Bulgaria European Union

"Elenite" is a vacation complex, situated by the sea shore, in the southern slope of the easternmost Balkan Mountain. The resort is located in a beautiful bay in close proximity to Cape Emine, 4.5 kilometers from Sveti Vlas and 8.5 kilometers from Sunny Beach. The international airport of Burgas is only 40 km away from "Elenite". The complex is designed so its exposition is entirely southern. It consists of villas and hotels, situated among the fresh greenery of the Balkan mountain and it offers its guests peace and luxury, combined with beautiful nature and fresh air.

Hotel "Royal Castle" is a design, five star hotel with stunning sea view, located in "Elenite Holiday Village". Several restaurants, various bars, indoor and outdoor pools, gym and SPA center are available to the guests as well. The conference room has a capacity of 300 people and is equipped with air conditioning, sound system and multimedia projector.


The conferences we organize are held in "Elenite Holiday Village", in the conference room of hotel "Royal Castle". A list of hotels, (located nearby the conference hall) and offering preferential rates for our participants, can be found below. To book, please contact us via email.

Early booking is highly recommended.
Please inform us if you are going to organize your stay individually.

Hotel Prices Website
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We bear no responsibility for any subsequent changes in the accommodation prices.